Thursday, March 19, 2009

ULF: Universal Life force Energy

I read last month's newsletter and I have to say, I'm feeling a little uncomfortable with the whole idea of universal life force energy. It sounds a little too "new agey" or me. Can you tell me more about it?
~R, Mission

Dear R-
First of all, in my own experience ULF (or universal life force energy) is directly felt by clients who are receiving Reiki. Many people will actually feel heat or sensation in their body from the practitioner's hands. If you want to experience the ULF for yourself, why not try a Reiki session and see what it feels like? This is not an imagined experience nor are these individuals feeling something simply because they expect to.
It is unfortunate that there area lot of "new-agey" terms and concepts floating around that create the impression that ancient practices like Reiki are a form of faith healing or "if you believe it, it is so" practice. Reiki can certainly incorporate these things, but Reiki s not these things.
Which brings me to the second response to your question. In a few decades scientists have gone from a conviction that there is no such thing as an energy field around the human body, to an absolute certainty that it exists. Moreover, we have begun to understand the roles of energy fields in health and disease. Most people are simply not aware of this research, and persist in the attitude that there is no logical basis for energy healing. The main reason for the change in outlook is that sensitive instruments have been developed that can detect the minute energy fields around the human body.
In the 1920's researcher Harold Saxon Burr at Yale university school of Medicine, suggested that diseases could be detected in the energy fields of the body before physical symptoms appear. Moreover Burr was convinced that diseases could be prevented by altering the energy filed. These concepts were ahead of their time, but are not being confirmed in medical research laboratories around the world. Scientists are using SQUID instruments to map the way diseases alter biomagnetic fields around the body. Others are applying pulsing magnetic fields to stimulate healing.
So you can see R, our scientific technology is finally developing to a place where we can measure this field. As science tells us, just because you can't see it- doesn't mean it isn't "real". In fact what we see and touch and smell is only a very small part of the universe.


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Ian Stone - Founder Metaphysical Institute said...

Let me add something to back up these comments.

We are currently beginning some Research of graphing the Energy Fields within the body.

We take a reading by measuring the electrical energy in a number of points on the hands and feet before an Energy Healing; one that is done with no actual physical contact with the patient.

This will then graph all the major Energy Meridians within the body on a computer monitor is also shows left and right balance, Ying & Yang energy balance and more.

As we do the HEART Energy Healing we communicate with our mind to these Human Life Energy Fields through the universal life force energy, this communication is done in the Delta State in our methodology, where Reiki primarily uses the Alpha State. Although both results are still obtained by communicating through universal life force energy of the patient.

We see dramatic changes in the graphing after the healing.

This research is about finding out which individual fields are affected; even at the times when the healing is dealing purely with Spiritual issues; as we proceed through the various procedures of the healing.

This research is a precursor to what happens to the physiology, chemical changes and any DNA changes in the body

With Love for I Love You
Ian Stone – Metaphysician & Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
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