Thursday, January 8, 2009

Universe Means One Song

dedicated to Michael D.

"Universe means one song" I said
You said I'm a diva,
finishing the album when everyone else sings the first line.
When we meet rock songs reverberate in silent still halls
Feeling the music in every pore, Being sound, Living Song
together our movements exist in an opus of power.

I don't pray anymore...
Unless you count every thought as communion
a rush of Yod to the head.
Worship came in that orgasm last week,
You were so far in me we were both god.
Playing our parts, offering humble sounds to the symphony
Each conversation divine verse between god and his goddess transcendance
Absolution in a ballad- No
an opera of experience.

I don't go to temples anymore...
unless you count the cathedral of the heart.
Dancing my joy in crowds is like jaywalking through a wake,
In the rain at midnight with no one watching but the crows,
And the song pounding, rushing, offering grace
Breathing in and out night air for my body
Waiting for you to catch the beat of trees, grass, wind
Spirit's melody calling soul

I don't meditate anymore
Unless you count the act of wiping a single drop from the curve of a glass
A moment with God
Touching hands that first time music flowed,
Your skin was an orchestra's theme
In that moment confessor, priestess, stage, singer, applause became
fans, freedom, absolution and entrance into Graceland
for the first time in a very long time I let myself stop
In the silence I found the truth
That the god in you is the god in me
and all one song.

And I suppose it's true that I don't cry for the world anymore,
Unless you count the tears I've wrung from wailing guitars to a deaf audience
Holding notes that blaze to life like a comet in a Buddhist koan
Waiting for you singer to prove there's still magic in the world
Hiding a crooners voice in the masses
You idle there while I groove here
Your rythym is of drums beating faster and faster, tribal and free
When the jingle of the world calls you tuneless
I'll call you to lead the song, and share the stage so we can sing.

Summer Raine Forrest
September 2008

1 comment:

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy said...

Beloved Summer ~

The divine is so magnificently present in your expression. I am so grateful for this post. The true voice that is speaking or perhaps singing ... what ordinarily remains unspoken.

Gratefully ~ Katie